20160508-IMG_1137 (1)Floral Off- Shoulder Top/Target Jeans/Peep Toe Bootie

Beauties and Gents!  I’ve missed you!  This week seems to have flown by!  Another Sunday down, a lifetime more of them to go!  🙂 I hope we are all enjoying this beautiful day!  Chicago has finally been trying to warm up so I’m sure all Chicagoans are so grateful!  Our weather is now okay to show a little tasteful skin!  That brings me to off-shoulder tops!  Off-shoulder tops are the “it” trend as of lately, and I am loving it!  Showing a little shoulder always seems to add a bit of classy-sexy to your look!This top is from Akira and they have two options available.  Including this one I have, they also have a black/grey tone one.  I figured since it’s spring going into summer I should get the more colorful one! 🙂  I decided that I am going to try out more colors this summer…this should be interesting. Lol  Which brings me to my hair…what do you guys think?  I decided to color my hair just to try something new.  Since I am fully natural, my hair is extremely healthy and strong so I figured this wouldn’t be a bad idea.  I wanted something new for the big 25…think I’ll cut it at 30.  Lol We shall see.  Anyways, I hope we all have a very eventful and marvelous week.  New content coming soon! 🙂

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