Akira Shirt/Urban Outfitters Pants (Old, similar herehere, and here)/Aldo Shoes/Bebe Belt/Akira Purse (In Store only)

Hi, guys!  This is my first official blog post which makes me so happy!  I’m excited about the amazing things in store for and I can’t wait to share this experience with you all!  This blog has been a work in progress for a long time, so I’m just appreciative that I can finally share it with you guys.  It always amazes me when my hard work pays off and this time is no different!  Now enough with all of the sappy stuff, let’s get into this look!

I love dressing up anything baggy and this look truly shows it.  I am all about catching a deal or a sale and most items from this look, I caught on sale! (YAY me!)  I purchased this oversized T-shirt from Akira for $22.90.  I tried to find one even cheaper but the fit of this shirt, mixed with the relaxed droopy pocket reeled me in and I purchased it.  I’m a sucker for details!  Tucked into any pair of pants or jeans, this shirt is a winner!

I love everything about these pants so let me give you the dets!  The pants were purchased from urban outfitters for only $10! Can you believe it?!  They were originally $110 so I would say I got an amazing deal!  I love the fit of the pants which is very relaxed, but it still has enough shape and form to look good on.  I decided to roll the pants up and felt that a belt and ankle strap shoes would execute this look perfectly for what I was going for…a relaxed, chic look!

Accessories!  My belt, which I absolutely love, is from bebe.  I get so many compliments on this belt, it’s almost unbelievable.  You can literally pair this belt with almost anything, and it will only improve the look!  A belt is essential with a baggy duo, as it allows your shape to not get lost in the relaxed pair so that you don’t lose your femininity.  I found these shoes on sale at Aldo for about $40.  As soon as I seen them, I had to have them!  Who could turn away a sale on shoes anyway?  (Now online for whatever reason they are regularly priced, but I bought mine in store.  So if you have an Aldo near you, check in the store first to see if you can get them on sale.) Lastly, I bought this bag on sale at Akira.   I literally got this bag like a week ago for $25! I also got a few other things because Akira was having a sale on buy one get one accessories for $1!! …I know right!

As you all can see, it’s not about brands and labels,  it’s about deals and sales! (LOL) We can all be fabulous even on a budget!  I look forward to all the awesome things we will share with each other in the near future!  Feel free to comment or ask questions! Talk to you all soon!

*P.S. I promise my next post won’t be so lengthy! 🙂


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  • Reesie

    I absolutely love this look! It looks so comfortable and still stylish at the same time. I can’t wait for you to post more looks! 😀

  • LISA

    Super stylish, I luv this outfit. Comfy but yet sexy.

  • Jasper Reed


  • Trenerra Jackson

    Love love love it!! Great job already I’m so excited for more!!

  • Jalisa Steele

    Yesssssss I absolutely love everything about this blog already!!! Keep up the good work lil jazz! Lol 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jakita

    Yesss boo I love the blog!! I’m so proud of you love you! 😘

  • Ivory Hillery

    Love this look and the blog great job !!! Can’t wait for more updates gorgeous 😝💋 dope

  • Jasmine D

    Congrats! I’m so excited for you and will definitely be checking your blog out! Love the dets on the look and video!

  • Lashawnya


  • Courtney

    Yesssssss I love it! I know you will become one of the top bloggers especially in the Chicago area. Can’t wait to see what you have in the works.

  • Shannon

    Yesss I love this look and that everything was on sale. So happy for you on your first blog. Keep up the good work!

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