Nasty Gal Moto Jacket/Akira Joggers (Old, similar here)/Pointed Bootie (Old, similar herehere, and here)/Aldo Necklace

Hi, Guys!  It feels like it’s been way too long!  Who’s ready for the fall?  I know I am!  This look was inspired by the vastly approaching fall season!  What’s better than comfortable clothes?…Nothing.  This is a super comfy look! (Yes, including the heels)! 

This crop leather moto jacket literally transform any outfit!  A staple for the fall is a go-to leather jacket, and this is mine!  I also love low crop joggers, not only because they look good on, but also because they are super comfortable.  Speaking of comfortable…let’s talk about these heels!  I got lucky because I find that a lot of pointed-toe heels are not very comfortable.   But, most of the time, once you break them in you’re just fine!  I’ve linked a few different options for this bootie for you guys.  Hopefully you’ll get lucky too!  There’s nothing better than looking good AND feeling good doing it!  Lastly, this necklace is to die for!  I love it!  As soon as I seen it, I snatched it up!  Not to mention it’s only $25.00!  Necklaces similar to this one are going for an average of about $50, so this is a steal if you ask me!  Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this awesome Sunday!  Remember to comment, share and follow my youtube channel: ClothesandFros!  New videos coming soon!  Talk to you all soon!

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