Burgundy Blues

Zara Shirt/Moto Jeans/Dr. Martens (Boots)/Forever 21 Necklace

Happy September!  It’s crazy how fast the summer went by right?  We’ve actually been getting really warm weather here in Chicago, so I shouldn’t even complain!  Our weather is so bi-polar though, because one day it’ll be 80 degrees and the next day or that night it’ll be 60!  I am slowly trying to transition myself into the fall, little by little.  It’s harder than it sounds.  This is a transitional look for that 65 degree weather, when you’re unsure of whether you should put on a sweater or just tank it. 

I bought this shirt from Zara for about $20, and everyone knows that’s pretty awesome for Zara.  I love the opening of the front, even though I’m not really a big fan of my belly button showing.  I don’t know why but I’ve never really liked it.  But with this shirt it didn’t bother me at all!  I love how long the shirt is, it just adds a bit of drama to your look!  These pants I got from Nasty Gal (they’re on sale now so if you like them, now’s the time t0 buy).  I love the wash of these moto jeans and the overall look of them.  They can be easily paired with a number of different tops and boots and they’ll look just as good.  Dr. Martens are such cool, laid back boots!  I love how they make a look that more rugged!  This chain was a steal from Forever 21.  I paid less than $11 for it!…I know!  I’m getting good at these accessory finds!  Stay tuned guys for more looks and hair tips on the blog, my youtube channel (ClothesandFros), and my instagram (@jasminelatisha)!  Talk to you all soon!

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