20151029-IMG_1508 (1)(All items from this post are from Akira (in store) except for shoes-Jeffrey Campbell “Roni”)

Hi, Guys!  I hope you all are enjoying your day!  Today’s look is all about Halloween!  I went to a Halloween party last week with a few of my friends and I literally threw something together that day!  Haha…who else works well under pressure?

I ended up deciding I would go as an Egyptian Goddess so I wanted to wear all white and of course, Gold!  I got this skirt from Akira, they are having an awesome sale by the way, for only $15.  The sale is by 2 sale items, get 2 free.  So I got this arm bangle for only $5, and got 2 other pieces of jewelry for free.  I was literally under a serious time crunch or I would have probably bought the whole sale section. LOL Seriously, they had some good stuff.  Also, I’m sorry about the quality of these pics.  I had to take them inside because it was night time by the time I was ready :(.  Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this look! Talk to you all soon! 🙂

20151029-IMG_1414 (2)20151029-IMG_147520151029-IMG_1423 (1)20151029-IMG_1465 (1) As you can see, I had a lot of fun taking these pics! Haha!  I realize how silly my Egyptian Poses look but imagine how I felt doing them!  HIL-A-RIOUS! LOL