How to Do Casual, Not Basic

20160320-IMG_0574Urban Outfitters Jacket (Old, Similar here and here)/ Urban Outfitters Crop (Old, Similar here)/ H&M Jeans/Zara Heels/ Sorella Shades (pictured in post)/Rocksbox Bracelet

We should all know by now that I am all for a cute, casual look.  It’s very important though that when you do casual wear, that it’s not done in a basic way. Basic is when it’s very plain, and there is no type of life to a look.  There are a variety of ways to add a little spice to a pretty plain look.

  1. Accessories.  Accessorize your life, honey! Lol You can add a statement earring, necklace, or belt (just to name a few) to a very simple look and go from drab to fab in secs!
  2. Heels.  Everybody loves a good heel…I know I do!  I am a heel lover, if you haven’t noticed by now.  Be careful though.  I’m not saying that you need heels in order for your outfit to be bomb.  I’m saying that if your outfit is not giving you enough life, try adding a cute heel and watch your look transform!
  3. Hair.  Your hair is so important!  I know you’re probably thinking, what does my hair have to do with my outfit?…Let me tell you.  EVERYTHING.  Hair is life, ok?  If your outfit is not as vibrant as you would like it to be, try something really cute (and maybe even different) with your hair and watch it all come together!
  4. Confidence.  Confidence should really be number 1.  You have to have confidence when you rock any look, and casual wear is no different.  Strut through with your jeans and t-shirt, knowing that you look bomb and there’s not anything anyone can do to stop it!  There’s nothing more breathtaking than a woman (or man) that’s sure of themselves and their style selections!  Own it!  I promise you, your confidence can take your look from a 1 to 10, in a matter of secs!  Remember, it’s not about what you wear, but more so how you wear it!

These are just a few ways to make your casual look pop!  I hope it helped!  I’m interested to know how do you spruce up your casual look?  Comment below and let me know!  🙂


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