Pressure Makes Diamonds…Right?

20160424-IMG_0773 (1)Urban Outfitters Crochet Long Cardigan/American Apparel Leotard/American Eagle Shorts/ Target Heels

Can you believe it’s already May?!  It’s my birthday month! Yay!  I am super excited, yet super stressed out because I don’t have anything planned or anything to wear yet…and it’s next Sunday.  Pressure makes diamonds though, right?  It’s so important to not fold under pressure, and I’ve been learning that more and more lately.  You have to just calm down, and not stress out over things you can’t control.  Besides, worrying never fixes the problem anyway! Now, enough with my rambling!  Let’s get into this look!This entire outfit was inspired by waves, and just going with the flow.  When I get dressed in the morning, I literally wear what I want, and I don’t care who likes it.  That’s how you have to live life! Lol I got this super cool cardigan from Urban Outfitters, yes on sale if you must ask! (You all know me so well). Lol  This leotard, I’ve had for a while and it can literally dress up almost every outfit.   Paired with a pair of loose fitting shorts, it automatically gives you a super dope look.  These shoes are to die for!  They are SERIOUSLY my most comfortable heels.  Literally.  I love them!  I got them from Tarjay aka Target!  Such a steal!

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