Sunday x Sophistication

20160521-IMG_1027Urban Outfitters Top & Bralette/ Urban Outfitters Palazzo Pants

OMG…It’s been too long…where do I begin!  This past week has been a blur of crazy events for me, but I have not forgotten about you guys!  The weather is finally warming up and I am so here for it!  This entire look is giving corporate, yet sexy tease…so let’s get into it!Bralettes are the ultimate way to add a little bit of sexy to any look, it’s just all about how you do it!  I love a cute bralette underneath a shirt, so that’s what I decided on for the day.  These pants are fab!  I love them because they give a chic, sophisticated vibe to any look.  Now a few things about these pants though… First they are a bit long for us short girls!  I still will push through in them, but that is something to be aware of.  I had on 4 inch heels with this look and they were still touching the ground. Lol  Another thing is they get wrinkled so easily!  I literally ironed these an hour before I took these pictures and this is the result!  Lol  Again just something to be aware of.  I still love them and get major compliments whenever I wear them!  Tell me how you rock your palazzo pants in the comments below! Talk to you all soon! 🙂

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