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Maxi Dress (Old, Similar hereherehere)

Hi, Guys!  It’s been toooo long!  So, Chicago is finally heating up, and what’s better for the summer than a good, comfty, bomb maxi dress?!  Maxi dresses are always awesome because they’re easy and you don’t have to think too much!  I love this one in particular because you can literally wear it about 50 different ways, which gives you so much versatility!  I bought this dress last summer, but I’ve tagged some similar options where you can get a very similar look!  

The trick with these dresses, which is what I do, is to google and youtube how to tie versatile dresses and they have videos on the numerous ways you can tie this dress.  Every time I wear it I try to do something different to it.
You’ll learn, I adore maxis!  They are definitely staples for the summer!  The only problem is mine are always extremely long…short girl problems! Haha I still love them nonetheless!  I want to know, what’s your go to, easy summer style?  Comment below!


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