Denim Devotion

20160708-IMG_0092 (1)-2Levi Jean Shirt- Thrifted (Similar here and here) / Asos Jean Skirt (Similar herehere, and here)/ Perspex Sandal HeelsJord Watch

Can you all tell how obsessed I am with denim yet?  It’s quite ridiculous.  I love how with denim you can dress it up or down and whichever way you choose, and it still looks fab!  I also love how you can rock denim with denim, no matter the wash, and the look still turns out super cute!  Such a win, win!If you don’t already, you have to have a denim skirt or two!  I got mine from Asos and it was on sale for like $15 I believe.  I love the fit and length of it!  It’s super comfortable!  I got my shirt while thrifting…aahhh the power of the thrift!  You will be amazed at the things you can find during a good thrifting session!

Now to my shoes!  I am currently in love with these shoes!  They are so amazingly fab, it’s ridiculous.  You can’t wear these out without getting a few stares and compliments!  My watch is from Jord Watches and let me tell you how excited I am about it!  I have been looking for the perfect women’s watch that has a natural finish and I think I’ve found it!  I love how versatile it is.  I will be writing a review on this watch tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Lastly, my hair!  Guys, I was finally able to achieve doing my own box braids and let me tell you all, it was a challenge!  I was super happy with the results though, so it was all worth it.  It took me about 12-14 hours to finish with the help of a friend doing about half of them.  I was thinking of doing a tutorial for you guys, but time and patience got in the way unfortunately.   Maybe next time?  Anyway, let’s all have an awesome Tuesday! 🙂

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