Deep V Bodysuit/Urban Outfitters Shorts (Similar herehere, and here)/Savers Jean Shirt- Thrifted/Mesh Booties

Awareness.  It’s so important to be aware, especially during times like these.  So why not raise awareness by creating this bomb jean shirt and looking fierce while doing it?!  I am all about creativity and saving a dollar so this shirt was thrifted from Savers.  After, I went to Walmart and picked up some white fabric paint and paint brushes.  After that, I went to work, free-handedly. This can also be done by cutting out printed out letters and painting inside of them, but I did not have the time! Lol I got this awesome shirt from Akira and it is definitely a piece *3 snaps* by itself.  Rocked with some high-waisted white shorts, and these bomb mesh booties, I think I might be able to conquer the world! Lol

Now, on a more serious note, Black Lives Matter is such an important movement not only for African Americans but for all Americans together.  It’s also important that we understand what Black Lives Matter means.  Saying “Black Lives Matter” is by no way saying that they’re the only lives that matter.  It’s just making a statement that Black Lives Mattertoo.  With the hatred and division that seems to be happening all over our country, the BLM movement is trying to help to stop racial profiling and stereotyping.  It’s a voice that says that there’s a problem here and we (all Americans) need to come together and not only recognize it, but also try to do something to fix it.  My wishes and hopes are that one day we won’t have to raise awareness about issues like this, because we all will recognize that All Lives Matter.  This is such an important, yet controversial topic.  Comment below some positive solutions that we as Americans can do to help stop racial profiling and stereotyping.  I’m interested in hearing them and hopefully seeing some of them through!  Let’s all shoot to have a bomb weekend! 🙂


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