Cocktails With Claire x Chicago


Wilsons Suede Jacket- Thrifted/Levi Shorts – DIY Thrift/Thigh-High Sock Fit Boots/Skin Wardrobe Luxe Glasses

…So where do I begin?  Cocktails With Claire x Chicago was such a success!  How awesome is it that when Claire saw me, she gave me a double look and snaps and said that,”I was dope!”  Yesssss! She gave me so much life! Lol It was truly inspirational to see a woman who was told “no” on numerous occasions in the fashion industry, continue on in spite of the negativity and come out on top!  I love stories and testimonies like these!  It really helps to motivate me!  I love seeing people win.  It also helps that Claire was such a sweetheart and her genuineness showed through her stories and just her overall vibe.

It was also awesome seeing all of the fashion enthusiasts and brands of Chicago come out and showcase their gifts!  There was PearNova, an up and coming nail polish brand with some of the flyest colors of nail polish!  You all have to check them out!  My friend, who’s crazy about nail polish, bought like three of them because she couldn’t choose one! Lol There was also Skin Wardrobe, an online boutique, whose motto is all about confidence and women being comfortable in their own skin.  I got my amazing shades from their booth, and I literally am in love with them! I’ve been rocking them with everything for the past two days. Seriously. Lol There were also some other boutiques there with amazing pieces including Dez Deme House of Style, Vanorsby, and a few more.  I really enjoyed networking with all the talented people of Chicago and I can’t wait for the next event!

Let’s all stay motivated this week! Motivation Challenge: Try to pick one thing you need to improve upon this week, and dedicate this entire week to making progress, no matter how big or small, on that improvement!  Let’s see how this goes! Good Luck! 🙂

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