IMG_3378 (1)Forever 21 Kimono (Similar here and here)/Urban Outfitters Shorts (Similar here and here)/ Orange Lace Up Heels

I mean let’s face it…who doesn’t love the color orange?!  It’s vibrant, unique and helps to bounce off your skin like no other color!  I love it for the summertime and since we still have a few weeks left…why not?

This is a remixed look that I did from over a year ago.  It’s crazy how changing your hair and shoes can make a look, look so much different.  I know we’re all ready for the fall, but I’ve decided that as long as it’s officially still summer and the weather still semi feels like it…I’m going to still enjoy it!  So here’s to wearing our vibrant, brilliant colors just a few more weeks! Lol

Let’s all plan to have an awesome end to our weeks!  Talk to you all soon! 🙂

IMG_3401 IMG_3382 IMG_3379 IMG_3370