The Last Maxi

IMG_3333 (1)Pinot Maxi Dress/Sandal Heels

Happy Thursday!  Yes, we’re almost to the end of the week!  🙂 …But, on a sadder note, it’s officially the end of the summer so this will be my last time wearing a maxi dress 🙁  While it’s still warm in Chicago today, earlier this week we got a taste of the upcoming fall season.  Is it just me or did the summer time literally fly by?Who doesn’t love a good maxi?  This one is so cute, yet very sophisticated.  A lot of times, maxis can be considered to be very casual but this one proves that a maxi can be way more than that.  I’ve worn it on a boat cruise, as well as to a formal dinner and the dress was perfect for both!  You need a good formal maxi, for those times when you have nothing to wear…or just can’t find anything…and you have somewhere to go that you have to be a bit dressy to.  They literally save the day! Lol 

Now, who’s ready for the fall? I know I am…at least for the fashion part of it! 🙂  I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Talk to you soon!

IMG_3332 IMG_3327 (1) IMG_3316 IMG_3313

*Random Candid, just because I love you all* 🙂