M O T I V A T I O N Mondays

img_3643Oversized Gray Sweater (Similar here and here)/ Faux Leather Joggers (Similar here and here)/Express Caged Heels/ Forever 21 Choker

Happy Motivation Monday!  I feel like a lot has been going on with me, as with everyone else I’m sure.  Today’s post is all about staying motivated and continuing to strive for greatness!  First, let’s get into this look and after, let’s get into life. 

I am totally in sweater mode now, just to warn you all! (Lol)  There will be many more to come. 🙂  You need an oversized crop sweater if you don’t already own one!  They provide such a chilled, yet super dope vibe to most bottoms you place with them!  If you remember, I wore this sweater with a gray skirt sometime last year (check it out here).  It’s all about switching it up!  These joggers I love because they provide this kind of rugged look that’s so dope when done right!  I just got these heels from Express when they had their 40% off sale…what a deal!  I’m still not over it. (Lol)  The shoes are really reasonably priced without the sale, so if you like them I would go ahead and buy them before they’re all out.  Style is all about being able to switch it up and exuding confidence while doing it!  I actually wore this look during the day time with some all black chucks.  I love versatility! Win!

Now, on to life.   Life has a funny way of waking you up, even when you’re sure you’ve been awake the entire time.  It feels like I haven’t been able to post as much and I know I haven’t been as consistent with it either.  I recently lost a friend and my best friend lost a finance’.  While this was a very trying time for me, it’s been extremely hard for her.  So during this time, I’ve had to be a friend and be there for her, not only for me but for him as well.  It’s crazy because as life continues to knock us down and we ponder on why things happen, God allows us to still find a way to grow from these things which ultimately make us stronger.  It’s also very eye opening to be reminded of how much life is not guaranteed.  At any moment, we can be gone.  That’s why it’s important to live life on this earth, in the best way we know how and doing things that truly makes us happy.

I’ve also started back to work (as I’m off on the summers), and most of you all can imagine  how strenuous work plus blogging can be.  However, I’ve realized that God has placed this gift on my life for a reason.  One of my best friends told me that there’s no way God placed this gift on me for me to be mediocre with it.  It’s up to me to push it and help it to grow.  So while it’s hard work, it’s worth it because it’s one of the things I love to do.  It’s important that as we go through life we find something, at least one thing, that we’re truly passionate about and we dedicate time to that, even if it’s only for an hour a week.  We deserve that much!  You deserve that much!  If you all have any other motivation tips, leave them below!  I’ll love to hear them!  Until next time!  Peace and Love! 🙂

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