img_3604(Black Flare Dress/Caged Sandal Heels)

Happy Sweetest Day my sweeties! ūüôā ¬†Tonight is all about the gentlemen and I’m actually enjoying it. ¬†I love dressing up to go anywhere, so looking cute for my sweetie makes me happy. ¬†I love holidays that are about love, don’t you?! ¬†Tonight’s look is all about being sexy, in a classic way. ¬†This super cute dress is from Akira. ¬†I first saw it online and went into the store to get it because I thought it was super cute! ¬†Of course, that led me to walk past¬†the¬†rest of the mall and upon my quest I saw that Express has 40% off the entire store right now! ¬†That’s right, I said 40% off, so I had to go into the store and get something! ¬†I mean who wouldn’t? ¬†This is 40% off we’re talking about! Lol¬†So, I got these shoes for only like $36! ¬†What a steal right? ¬†You all should totally go see what you can snag before everything’s all gone!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy your sweetest day! ¬†Peace and Love ūüôā

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