img_3749Off-the-Shoulder Satin Blouse/Ripped Jeans (Similar here and here)/Clear Sandal Heels

What a day it has been!  With this election and this week’s time change, I am DRAINED.  However, there are many things to get energized about, after all that’s what we should focus on right?

Yessssss, for this blouse!  It is giving off such effortless grace, right?!  I love the feel and I’m currently feeling the satin trend, so as soon as saw it, I was in love!  This blouse can be paired with a skirt, pants, or it can even be belted to give you a completely fresh look.  It’s all about switching it up!

Don’t you just love the fall?  How beautiful are these leaves?  They look like I photoshopped them in the picture! *Swoons*  Now to life…

There seems to be so much to talk about, yet so little to say.  I just want everyone to stay hopeful and positive in whatever position you choose.  There is power in hope, you have to believe and know that.  Let’s all plan and try to have a positive week!  Peace and Love 🙂

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