Satin Bliss



Satin Duster/Satin Joggers/White Crop Top/Clear Strap Sandal

O-M-Gee!  It’s been too long!  Who else is feeling the satin trend right now?!  I know I am and this set is a BOMB way to rock it!  I’m currently gearing up for Thanksgiving and I’m debating on whether or not I am going to do some Black Friday damage…I’m not sure though…what do you all think?  But first, let’s get into this look…

I have been loving dusters and I’m super excited I got my hands on this one!  I love this look paired with the matching satin joggers!  Life has been given!  You could even rock them separately to get more versatility out of your buy.  Any type of crop top or bralette would look great with this look, so if you get this look or something similar I urge you to play around with it a little bit!  This entire outfit was 40% off which you can’t beat if you tried!  Missguided always has some type of sale going on and right now they’re running a sale for 40% off of all dresses and shoes!  They also are offering 35% off of all merchandise if you are a college student!  Get in on some of these deals!  I am all about a good sale.  It doesn’t feel as good to me if I didn’t get it for a good price.  I know I’m not alone!

Who’s going Black Friday shopping?  I try to encourage everyone that if you need anything from now until the beginning of next week to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to shop.  Everyone will have a deal and that way you can get more bang for your buck!  I will try to come back and update you all on the discounts from some of my favorite stores, as I’m going to be doing some research myself!  Let’s all try to prepare our minds and bodies for Thanksgiving!  Peace and Love! 🙂

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