American Apparel White Dress (Similar here and here)/Hologram Hat- Discovery/Patent Leather Booties (Similar here)

“The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them.  If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”

This past weekend was amazinggggg!  I had the awesome opportunity to be around hundreds of beautiful, black, powerful women at Blavity’s EmpowerHer event!  It was really life changing to be in the room with such intelligent, successful women!  It gave me my life ok?!  So I wanted to begin with this quote because it’s imperative for us to dream and make goals as big as we can…because if you put enough work in…you just might achieve them!

Now to this look, baseball cap and curly hair, who knew it would make the perfect combination?!

 Minimalist: a person who practices minimalism which is a style or technique that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.  Yassss!  I am here for this!  Sometimes…most times… less is more!  Today I decided to rock this fitted white dress with these bomb boots that I got on sale at Akira (Y’all know I love a good sale)!  I found this hat at Discovery for like $8!  You can’t beat it!  If you have a Discovery near you, shop their hats, they have some nice ones!  The craziest part is that I haven’t been in a Discovery in agessss!  I went in with a friend and saw this hat and was like okkkkkk…consider it bought!

Make a commitment to empower someone today or this week.  You’ll be surprised at how just words of encouragement could alter someone’s day…and you’ll even be surprised at how great it makes you feel to do it.  Peace and Love! 🙂