Perfect Wireless Headphones with Symphonized

Symphonized NRG Sport Bluetooth Earbuds with Angle-Fit Ear Tips

Who else has been working hard to get in shape just in time for the summer?!  I know I might be a little late to the workout party, but better late than never right?  I have been looking for a pair of lightweight headphones to use during my workouts and luckily I found it with these Symphonized Headphones!  They’re great quality and not expensive! Win-Win!  Right now get them for an additional 15 % off with the code 15off using the link above! 

The thing that I love about these is that they actually fit my ears!  For those who may not know, I have extremely small ears so up until now I have always had a love-hate relationship with angle fit headphones, but I’m happy to say that these actually have won me over!  Symphonized manufactures their headphones, earbuds, and speakers from all natural genuine wood for those of us who love natural vibes!  If you decide to grab a pair of headphones, be sure to comment below or on my IG and tell me if you love yours as much as I love mine!

Let’s continue focusing on our goals, CLOfriends! Peace and LOVE!