Jamaica, Jamaica!

“Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show.”

To say that my love and I had an amazing time this a few weeks ago in Montego Bay, Jamaica would be an understatement.  Traveling in general is a such a great source of energy, inspiration, and just peace but traveling with the one person you love the most, makes traveling that more phenomenal.  Now, we stayed at the Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall Resort and let me tell you the best thing about this resort was the people.

Everyone there was great and so nice! Like I can’t say this enough to people when they ask about how the trip was! If you enjoy being around great energy and good vibes, this is where you go! I don’t believe that hospitality stops at the Hyatt Resort either, it’s far beyond that and embedded in the Jamaican culture. We went to the best jerk chicken place that I’ve ever had there too! Good energy AND good food?! You can’t lose there!

We also did zip lining, rode ATVs, and a rum tasting while we there so if you go, definitely do some sort of excursion. It’s definitely worth it. Last thing I want to note is the weather. So, I was so very worried before we went because it said that it would rain every single day we were there and there was like 80% chances of rain each day! Corey assured me that it would be fine, but I’m such a worrier! Lol Anyways, the good news is that Corey is smart and I should trust him because it didn’t rain but one time and it lightly rained for all of maybe 30 mins and stopped. So don’t let the weather scare you!

Anybody else been to Jamaica? Did you have similar experiences? If so, share below! Otherwise, peace and love my friends! 

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