Hi, World! My name is Jasmine and I’m just your average girl with a passion for everything style! I’ve loved clothes and styling for as long as I can remember and hair has always been an awesome way for me to express myself. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL so basically Chicago is life. Lol ClothesandFros.com was created to inspire and to give motivation to people of all different shapes, sizes and color.

Style is everything, fashion is nothing.” I love this quote! What this means to me is style is unique to an individual, while fashion is nothing more than trends and what is popular at the moment. Style to me is very important and changes very often for me. Some days you may see me and I’ll be dressed in a long, flowy dress with six inch heels on, while other days you may see me with a baseball hat, t-shirt, jeans and sneakers on. That’s what I mean…my style is just that…my style. It changes, as I change. The goal for ClothesandFros.com is to inspire your own unique style, which is just as awesome as you!

Hair, Hair, Hair! I am a fully natural, curly girl! I first transitioned my hair before doing my big chop! I started my transition in 2013, I believe. (I’m so sorry, I don’t know exact dates!) I went about a year before I did my big chop (myself), which wasn’t so bad since I had transitioned for about a year prior. I am now still on my natural hair journey. ClothesandFros.com is all about protective and healthy styling for naturally curly hair. I am like a hairstyle addict, so I change my hairstyles quite often. I like to wear ALL different type of styles, so there will be a lot of versatility, so be prepared! Lol As with clothing, my hairstyles are just one of the many ways that I like to express myself. I hope to inspire you all to indulge in my pleasures, and hopefully that will help you to create or enjoy your own.